فروش کفش لاغری پرفکت استپس
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slim lift
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tantak ton long ton machine Vnshst

tantak ton long ton machine Vnshst
Product Code: در 2 مدل اصلی
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Price: 179,000تومان 136,000تومان
Ex Tax: 136,000تومان
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tantak ton long ton machine Vnshst

Talk of new devices sit

- Talk of total device Krdaray new seat is more comfortable than the old model and the new design makes it taller than the old type that is less pressure on the spine.
- Use smaller wheels PU (ball bearing) which is much easier than previous wheels front and back, and life is so much more.

Talk of a new machine instead of metal springs, rubber springs, extended use.

Talk of the device sit back and spine injuries can prevent.

Sports equipment features of the device sit rod:
- When not in use the device can easily sit up and Vine wearing very little space in your home is occupied.
- Shrink Belly (easily)
With DVD instruction.

Talk of choice for fitness at home

Talk with people and just 10 minutes a day can make a difference in your body within 10 days you feel good

5 year warranty and after sales service

Hardware device:

-DVD Guide
-'s Persian and English
- Installation Manual in Farsi
- Guarantee

The best move for the long session of fitness and slimming belly and flanks are
Without straining the muscles of the spine and neck and fatigue can finally relax
Reciprocating motion mechanism is based on two sets of wheels in the back seat, it is
It is located on the ground level and altitude is not

Folding and portability for the Whole Family

Product Mahan Dawn Kish

Mhasn disadvantages Supplied
معایب Meeting Drazv angle less than similar devices + + + + + + no counters and analyzed using container having a neck cushion
محاسن + + Easy to use for all family members have assembled handles for ease of use and low-weight folding + high + of Iranian inventors here
Customer Service
Money back if not satisfied no
Warranty One year (S. Mahan kish)
Warranty دو سال ( سپیده ماهان )

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