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Ahh Bra

 Ahh Bra
Product Code: پک 3 تایی آه برا اصلی
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Price: 24,000تومان
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Shopping for Air Svtyn

They say that breast lift Slim n = 3 for
Ahh Bra

Pack of 3 digits to say that the form in 3 colors (cream - white - black) one size

Oh for breast shaping

Ahh Bra

3 Pack Slim Lift Breast shaping the call number for
Slim lift the breasts for support and they Svtyn

Fear of failure and loosening of every woman is the most common

To say that for these effects can prevent breast shaping and beauty gifts can become


Loosening and drooping breasts due to three causes of experts to consider:

First, long-term immobilization and subsequent relaxation of muscles and paralysis of the muscles. It is noteworthy that only some specific fields such as fitness, aerobics and tennis can prevent this process and many women do not have the opportunity to do so.

Second, increased fat around the muscles in the rest of the natural conditions, the volume has been added, and the disabled, finds a bad mood. Removing the volumes of fat through exercise is a difficult task that requires long hours of aerobic exercise and weight training under experienced coaches sport is special.

Three lactating mothers: loosening and failure of breast feeding is a Tbyymy the body outside of the normal and the reason for this lack of mobility, feeding and nutrition during pregnancy and lactation is relatively heavy.

Oh beautiful form gan for breast shaping

Pack of 3 digits to say that the form in 3 colors (cream - white - black) one size

Oh for breast shaping

Do not wear tight Svtyn Gann and Tired?

Do you suffer from a feeling of detaching sections Svtyn in public places?

To say that the form of the chest, feeling comfortable experience!

Upon wearing the breast forms that call for, so you know it's most comfortable underwear ...

Shopping for Air Svtyn

Oh, and they Svtyn for breast shaping benefits:

1 - Darzi was not any place on your body and not the pockets

2 - to 2 cache size is over and your body will mold itself to the shape and

3 - The best food and fiber and very high-quality jersey is made of four-way and a long shelf life

4 - Can be washed in a washing machine (cold water) and has anti-aging and maintains its elastic

5 - to better and more beautiful appearance to help you achieve them without discomfort to

7 - the perfect size for women with breast

9 - Replacement sponge for Svtyn in summer heat

10 - Anti Allergy And for women who are allergic to other Svtyn

11 - convenient for pregnant women and nursing mothers

12, - the drooping breasts of pregnant and lactating women to prevent pregnancy and breastfeeding ......!

Shopping for Air Svtyn


They say that breast shaping with drooping breasts for her forever goodbye.

They say that breast shaping is designed to enhance your breasts and keeps in proper form.

To say that the form of the chest, you can prevent sagging breasts and loose

Gann and maintenance Svtyn Breast Slim Lift for the

Pack of 3 digits to say that the form in 3 colors (cream - white - black) one size

Gann and Svtyn breast shaping

You can use this single product with exceptional price 24 dollars

Shop Tele MTV (WWW.TELETV.IR), please provide.

Please also enter your desired size when ordering

Shopping for Air Svtyn

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